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So this is me…

As you can see, I posed for this, even got my good blazer on. (Not wearing any pants)

Born a male I have some how made it to 30 odd years of age. Raised in sunny South Africa I am now taking advantage of my birthright and living in Britain. I have had an extensive 12 year web career and have worked in both small and large agencies all over the globe. Three years back I freelanced in South East Asia. I love what I do and can say that my best and most irritating character trait is my compulsive need to problem solve. If you don’t think that is such a bad thing, ask my missus about it.


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Started at the bottom now i’m h’ere.

Earned a degree in design and communication, but after some time I found coding to be my calling and discovered it takes more creativity than pushing pixels. so a few years back I taught myself how. I can now take a website brief from handshake to completion… and even further. (SEO optimisation)

  • Design and UX

    As a trained designer I understand the importance of something looking good and laid out properly. I have been privy to enough campaigns to know that a failed design means a failed project. One of my key strengths is understanding what can be turned around quickly for development, what design choices are suited to the brief and which are simply unnecessary for the task at hand.

  • Code and functions

    This is where my passion is focused. I can talk geek for hours and am on a mission to get great at it. Just like design, a website that clunks and breaks down can lose a business potential clients and cause endless headaches. This is why I like to be a sure-footed developer, less flash and more tried technique. I am more preferential to the open source languages and not keen on the fly-by-night frameworks.

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A balance between the new and the tried-and-tested.

Right now in my career I am hungry for knowledge and looking for new challenges. There are clear cases that require tried and tested methods to accomplish the task at hand and I have methods that allow me to turn out quality work quickly, but I am self-motivated and like to challenge myself with more innovative ways to complete the more creative briefs.

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