Poison City Brewing Website Development

e-commerce website designed for a unique craft brewery that has a range of craft beers and has recently launched a cannabis lager. Ipswich website design.

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Poison City Brewing Website Development

Craft Beer / e-Commerce/ WordPress

Uniquely crafted website for a unique craft beer.

We have worked hand-in-hand with the talented folks at unagency for well over a decade. We recently got to rework the Poison City craft e-commerce website.

A challenger brand in the premium and super premium beer category, Poison City Brewing has a range of craft beers and has recently launched South Africaʼs first cannabis lager.

website portfolio

Website design / development notes.

A bespoke website portfolio designs were supplied by the creative agency translating to a custom website development.

The brief was simple, make people fall in love with our brand through beautifully crafted, emotive, purpose-driven design.

We brought this website design to life by using SVG illustrations and professionally photographed background images.

The clear objective was make the the brand look cool whilst promoting their online store.

This website uses blog posts to drive their SEO rankings and supply their audience with the latest news. We made sure that their unique voice came through in every line of text and code.

This build made use of full-page website transitions, CSS animations and some slick javascript conditional logic. Often simple is complex to nail, but we are proud of this build.

A website that is well designed, well developed & well executed

When a client is launches their new brand it is our job to ensure the website looks good on all screens (responsive development) and that it loads as quickly as possible.

The website shows off some really fast load times and has already started to generate income for our client. Great design, development and marketing insight has culminated in a successful delivery.