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A very cool company in South Africa called The Principality approached me with some new and exciting website designs for the local Bank of Athens.

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unagency Website Development

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An agency, but part of the family.

We have worked hand-in-hand with the talented folks at unagency for well over a decade. Serving as their website development team during that time, we were proud to build their now agency portfolio website for them.

After their rebrand we were supplied website designs, we then went to task to ensure their minimalist brand identity looked cool on screen. Using subtle web animations, video design and tieing it all into a WordPress framework, we believe we built something that worked as well as it looked.

unagency Portfolio Website Development 1
unagency Portfolio Website Development 2

Website design development notes.

A bespoke website portfolio designs were supplied by the creative agency translating to a custom website development.

The brief was simple, make people fall in love with our brand through beautifully crafted, emotive, purpose-driven design.

We used custom post types and hand-coded javascript animation techniques to ensure the content could be added quickly and it would look classy across the website.

The designs called for 2 very distinct layouts, so we had to marry 2 website layouts into one cohesive template.

This website uses blog posts to drive their SEO rankings and supply clients with their relevant latest news. The portfolio and content pages are slim on info and serve to showcase the brands simplistic thinking.

This build made use of full-page website transitions, CSS animations and some slick javascript conditional logic. Often simple is complex to nail, but we are proud of this build.

A website / marketing agency partnership that has stood the test of time.

When a client is launches their new brand it is our job to ensure the website looks good on all screens (responsive development) and that it loads as quickly as possible.

Unagency were showed little restraint in supplying large format images showcasing their exceptional work so we had to up our game to ensure the website images loaded up fast enough for their audience to view before bouncing.