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South African Bank Website Launch

Bank of Athens rebrands as GroBank a new South African bank and required us to develop their website’s front-end.

The amazing corporate identity was not developed in-house, but we took their new branding and transformed into a fresh, modern take on banking websites, we were proud to be responsible for such as successful website launch.

Successful Website Launch

We avoided traditional banking layouts and sidestepped all the negative keywords associated with banking like “boring”, to deliver a super fresh and funky layout design for a very successful website launch.

Any new website launch is tricky, but we managed to meet all the technical and security requirements to ensure our website stood up to the vast web traffic.

business website designed in wordpress
banking website ipswich design agency grobank

Corporate African Inspiriation

We looked at traditional African design to craft a uniquely African website experience.

The website is very clean and modern with design elements tactfully placed on key areas to really bring the design to life.

A Custom WordPress Template Design For A Big Brand.

A very cool company in South Africa called The Principality approached me with some new and exciting website designs for the local Bank of Athens.

I worked with them to develop a new and custom WordPress theme for the brand. We had a multitude of backend development challenges but we managed to get the website live and ready for their marketing launch.

Website Launch

Website tech. bits.

A unique WordPress build based on supplied designs.

Built to handle high volumes of traffic, the website makes use of Cloudflare and other key security features.

We built a very cool contact form with conditional logic so a user can find and contact a local agent by selecting a series of short questions.

The website contains a blog to further their SEO reach and supply clients with their latest news.

We constantly ensure the website is running smoothly and is kept up-to datte by offering a website maintenance flow from week to week.

A website launch built for high corporate traffic.

Speed, reliability and security is essential with any corporate website, that goes doubly for a banking website.

GroBank’s IT team set high standards for web security and our build was able to match and exceed these expectations. The website has since handled all traffic and is running smoothly.