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Biodx Website Design

Graphic Design for a bio-cleaning product.

Biodx is a company that developed a unique cleaning product that is extremely effective and eco-friendly.

They tasked us with designing and developing a website that showcased their unique product and delivered a high-quality, quirky experience to set them apart from their competition.

Website UX redesign

Biodx is a biochemical company that produce safe disinfectants and preservative solutions that work with nature, not against it.

The logo mark and visual language were developed around problem-solving and ‘connecting the dots’. The pieces of the logo are broken apart and scattered, as if looking at cells under a microscope or a complex math problem, the solution being Biodx.

Graphic Design Business Stationary
Graphic Design Presentation

Graphic design meets web animations

We carried the concept of “micro organisms” through to the user experience.

As the user scrolled the brand elements would animate into place like microorganisms under a microscope.

BioDX branding icon
biodx website responsive design
BioDX branding icon

A Custom Website Developed With a Rad Marketing Agency.

Working in collaboration with a supremely talented agency by the name of unagency, we built a fresh and modern website for the Biodx brand.

Working with the agency we were tasked to rebuild their website in WordPress, add some funky animations to make the website user-friendly and ultimately launch their corporate brand.

Biodx Website Design

Website design tech. bits.

A bespoke web design supplied by the marketing agency let to a custom WordPress development.

After 12 years of research and development, Biodx was ready for commercialisation. This required the creation of a world-class, purpose-driven brand that didnʼt just look amazing, but also carried the ethos of problem-solving for the greater good.

The build made use of all the graphic design elements, animating them on the screen to further drive the marketing concept.

The website makes use of a blog to further drive their SEO rankings and supply clients with their relevant latest news.

We worked some web development magic and incorporated a download module that is activated when a user supplies their email and contact info, this method of marketing places emphasis on rewarding engagement on the website.

A website agency working in collaboration with a marketing agency.

Website speed, reliability and fantastic design are essential with any corporate website, even more so when a client is launching their brand.

Biodx were looking for a graphic design agency to rework their logo and corporate identity, but after a fantastic reception, we were able to launch their brand online. A website project we are very proud of.