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National Website / e-Commerce/ Careers Portal

Nationwide brand refresh, National Website development.

Nashua couldnʼt get past its strong printer and copier legacy. They were looking to reeducate their franchises and inform their customers of their new positioning as total workspace providers. Starting by reworking their national website.

Website repositioned, rebranded and relaunched

We repositioned, rebranded and relaunched the brand with the strategic statement of ‘More Thanʼ. More Than is a rallying call to challenge the customerʼs understanding of the brand – it takes Nashua further than merely selling products to actively helping customers achieve goals and dreams, and to help them ‘find their more.ʼ

Nashua Web design
Nashua Magazine layout

National website with attitude

In the new CI, the concept of More Than was symbolised in the iconic visual symbol of the surge. The surge is the starting point of More Than and at the heart of everything we do – always moving, always progressive

Big refresh for a nationwide supplier.

We have worked hand-in-hand with the talented folks at unagency for well over a decade. We burned some serious midnight oil to ensure we migrated their website content over and restructured over 1000 posts and pages.

The development of this nationwide website was a massive undertaking and put us to the test. But we welcomed the challenge and knocked it out of the park. Since launch, the website has quadrupled its website traffic.

National website
Graphic design mockups

Website design / development notes.

A bespoke website designs were supplied by the creative agency translating to a custom WordPress website.

The brief was to migrate the companies existing website (a behemoth sitemap), and restructure the content into purpose-driven design.

We worked with a digital marketing agency at each step ensuring the SEO was thought about from the start.

A big additional feature was a careers portal that needed to be managed by various branch managers across the nation.

This website uses blog posts to drive their SEO rankings and supply its audience with the latest news. We made sure that their unique voice came through in every line of text and code.

A national website that they can be proud of

When a client is launching their new website brand it is our job to ensure the website looks good on all screens (responsive development) and that it loads as quickly as possible.

We tackled many server restrictions and shortcomings to ensure decent load times. We feel that the new experience is slick and responsive at each level.

Nashua national website homepage
Nashua national website about us page
Nashua national website campaign