Google Analytics Dashboard for Wp (gadwp) Replacement Plugin That’s the Same but Better

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics formerly GADWP

Replace GADWP With A Free Replica That’s Just As Good!

Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by these devs, I am just irritated beyond words by Monster Insight’s corporate greed approach to a beloved plugin.

TL;DR Link to replacement Plugin Below

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Want The Same Funtionality?

Install The GAinWP Google Analytics Integration for WordPress plugin

It easily integrates Google Analytics tracking and dashboard reporting into your website in just minutes.

It was created from the excellent Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (GADWP) plugin to maintain a simple, direct Google Analytics integration for those concerned about data privacy.

GAINWP is a replica of GADWP Supported by the dev community, here is a link to the WordPress Plugin Repository:

Monster Insights Greedily Changed The Plugin to: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP)

I am sure like most of you, I was enfuriated to see Monster Insight aquired GADWP and with their vesrion 6 update completely destroyed one of the best plugins for WordPress.

They locked existing features behind an extremely pricey pay wall and delivered a buggy plugin that hijacks your dashboard!

The active installations have already fallen from 2-3 million to 1 million, waiting to see it fall to thousands so that plugin author can wake up and undo this update. Already uninstalled it from my side.

View the shocking reviews by clicking here

how to uninstall exactmetrics & Install GAINWP

Its super easy to get rid of this plugin and install GAINWP, here is a step by step guide to hep you

Step 1: Go to your plugins area and disable “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)”

disable exact metrics

Step 2: They have the nerve to ask why…. so let them know 🙂

exact metrics feedback

Step 3: Click on add new under the plugins options

add new plugin

Step 4: Search for “gainwp”

search gainwp

Step 5: Install and activate gainwp

install and activate gainwp

Step 6: Go to “Google Analytics” in your admin menu

gainwp google analytics menu item

Step 7: From here, simply authorise the plugin by following the onscreen prompts and you will be back in business.

The same plugin as you remember, see the GAINWP video and the plugin description below

In addition to a set of general Google Analytics stats, in-depth page reports and in-depth post reports allow further segmentation of your analytics data, providing performance details for each post or page from your website.

The Google Analytics tracking code is fully customizable through options and hooks, allowing advanced data collection like custom dimensions and events.


Google Analytics reports, in real-time, in your dashboard screen:

  • Real-time number of visitors
  • Real-time acquisition channels
  • Real-time traffic sources details


The Google Analytics reports you need, on your dashboard, in your All Posts and All Pages screens, and on site’s frontend:

  • Sessions, organic searches, page views, bounce rate analytics stats
  • Locations, pages, referrers, keywords, 404 errors analytics stats
  • Traffic channels, social networks, traffic mediums, search engines analytics stats
  • Device categories, browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, mobile brands analytics stats

In addition, you can control who can view specific Google Analytics reports by setting permissions based on user roles.


Installs the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows full code customization:

  • Universal Google Analytics (analytics.js) tracking code
  • Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking code
  • Enhanced link attribution
  • Remarketing, demographics and interests tracking
  • Page Speed sampling rate control
  • User sampling rate control
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Exclude user roles from tracking
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support for Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce support for Google Analytics

User privacy oriented features:

  • IP address anonymization
  • option to follow Do Not Track (DNT) sent by browsers
  • support for user tracking opt-out

GAinWP enables you to easily track events like:

  • Downloads
  • Emails
  • Outbound links
  • Affiliate links
  • Fragment identifiers
  • Telephone
  • Page Scrolling Depth
  • Custom event categories, actions and labels using annotated HTML elements

With GAinWP you can use custom dimensions to track:

  • Authors
  • Publication year
  • Publication month
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • User engagement

Actions and filters are available for further Google Analytics tracking code customization.


As an alternative to Google Analytics tracking code, you can use Google Tag Manager for tracking:

  • Google Tag Manager code
  • Data Layer variables: authors, publication year, publication month, categories, tags, user type
  • Exclude user roles from tracking
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support for Google Tag Manager


  • Google Tag Manager basic tracking
  • Google Analytics basic tracking
  • Automatically removes amp/ from Google Analytics tracking page URL
  • Scrolling depth tracking
  • Custom dimensions tracking
  • User sampling rate control
  • Form submit tracking
  • File downloads tracking
  • Affiliate links tracking
  • Hashmarks, outbound links, telephones and e-mails tracking
  • Custom event categories, actions and labels using annotated HTML elements


This plugin is fully compatible with multisite network installs, allowing three setup modes:

  • Mode 1: network activated using multiple Google Analytics accounts
  • Mode 2: network activated using a single Google Analytics account
  • Mode 3: network deactivated using multiple Google Analytics accounts

GAinWP on GitHub
You can submit feature requests or bugs on GAinWP repository.


The IntelligenceWP project leverages the GADWP plugin for core Google Analytics integrations.

After the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress changed maintainers in April 2018, users expressed concern over the new auth process proving 3rd party access to Google API keys and analytics data.

GAinWP implements a direct auth process where API keys only reside in your WordPress site eliminating 3rd party access.

The long term goal of the project is to provide an open, standards based Google Analytics WordPress API to facilitate integration of Google Analytics data by other plugins and themes into WordPress.


This plugin was originally created by Alin Marcu as the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (GADWP)

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