Creating Powerful Websites: Why Developers Choose Wordpress

In this blog post we’ll be exploring the world of WordPress; what it is and why it's a professional favourite amongst designers and web developers.

What Is WordPress?

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WordPress is a content management system that is used by millions of people around the world to create websites.

Popular amongst developers and Website designers, WordPress is a fantastic software system for building bespoke websites that perform.

The system is written in PHP and offers a range of features that developers love.

How Much Does It Cost?

The software is free and open-source. You can download the software, edit, customise and use it completely free of charge.

Why Do Website Companies Charge Clients if It Is Free?

Back in the dark ages (2004 and beyond), if clients wanted to edit and manage their own content there were very few “out-the-box” CMS (content management systems) they could use and the ones that exited were bloated and hard to use.

Because of this CMS, web builds took months and costed vastly more to build.

Now, with WordPress being open source and feature-rich, you the client don’t get charged for the building of the CMS system, the same way your developer doesn’t have to build it.

But the website itself will be based off a custom theme, with a custom design and populated with custom layouts. (not to mention the custom functionality)

That is the bit that you get charged for. Not the CMS itself.

Why WordPress?

We’ll tell you why…

Enabling Creativity

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WordPress is the perfect software for website creators. It does not limit its users and is completely customisable. In the right hands, WordPress can be used to build unique and beautifully designed websites.

Although the software does provide templates (referred to as Themes), they do not limit you to using them. You can adjust the website design in any way that you choose, giving designers the chance to be truly creative.

Designers are able to handpick the features that they need on a website and tailor those features to meet the website owners needs.

Unlike tools such as Square Space and Wix, WordPress offers vast creativity to designers without any restrictions. No two WordPress websites look the same.

The software also does not compromise on usability and is still user friendly.

Quality Performance

Choosing WordPress gives you complete control over your website. These websites are easy to manage and with thousands of plugins available, you can develop a website with brilliant performance.

A wide range of features are available, and with the right developer, you can utilise WordPress’ tools to create a completely tailored website that caters to your business needs.

WordPress also offers some industry-leading SEO plugins that provide great out-of-the-box solutions for optimising your website. This gives your site the ability to stand out and compete on the results page.

Plugins can also be a double edge sword. Too many plugins can conflict or slow down your website.

Some are also very insecure and open you up to hacks.

Whilst not a common occurrence, plugins should be used sparingly and from reputable sources.

A good web developer knows when to use a plugin and when (and how) to code the functionality into the theme.

Sometimes a hybrid approach is used by developers, such as installing a plugin for the majority of its features and then customising it to suit the brief requirements.

Responsive Websites

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In order for any website to compete online, it’s important that it’s mobile responsive.

In a recent Google report, it was established that over half of internet users, search from a  mobile device. It’s for this reason that WordPress ensures that all of its websites can be made mobile responsive.

A well designed and developed WordPress theme should adapt to whatever screen it’s being viewed on, including both iOS and Android systems. This gives you the freedom to design a site that isn’t mobile-specific, while still reaching the largest number of people.


Website Security


For a long time, there were murmurs that WordPress was unsecured and easily hackable. And for a while, that was kind of true… but today a well built WordPress website coupled with a few security measures is pretty ironclad.

There is also its popularity to consider. With so many websites being built in WordPress, bad actors tend to focus on the platform.

Also, many clients tend to neglect their website and ignore update warnings. This leaves your website open to old hack methods.

WordPress takes the security of your site very seriously and prides itself on being one of the most secure website building platforms available. They constantly release updates to protect you against the latest threats.

While no platform can say its 100% secure, WordPress, with their regular updates, keeps things fairly safe. Coupling this with a security plugin and server blocks leaves you with a very secure website.

If you want a CMS system but don’t intend to keep it updated, chat to your developer about automating backups and updates or better yet, opt-in for a small maintenance package and let the pro handle the digital housekeeping for you.


website hosting

WordPress offers its own hosting solution, however, this is very limited and not ideal for growing companies.

It’s recommended that businesses source hosting from a third party such as Site Ground, Bluehost, or Go Daddy.

Finding a host for your website is pretty simple and usually quick to set up.

Creative Monarchy always recommends Site Ground for hosting, they have fantastic hosting solutions, world-class support and offer real value for money.

Note: We are in no way affiliated to Site Grounds, we truly just love their service.

Is WordPress only For Web Developers?

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WordPress Does Not Replace the Developer

WordPress is used by both ammeters and professionals. While it can be used by anyone, a web developer knows exactly how to utilise the tools provided by the WordPress platform.

Developers and Designers know how to create stunning websites that perform. They also offer up talent and skills that WordPress does not.

It pays to have an expert that knows exactly what to do and how. Developers understand what is needed in order for a website to be great. They know which plugins are best and can create websites that can be managed with ease.

There is also a degree of coding that is required and without the know-how, your website will not function the way it needs to.

In short, website professionals know how to ensure your site is built to attract your target audience, convert them into leads and ensure Google displays your brand for the right keywords.

Is WordPress Good for E-Commerce?



The Power Of e-Commerce By wooCommerce

WooCommerce powers around 41% of all E-commerce stores worldwide, making it the most popular choice for online stores.

WooCommerce enables retailers to create a world-class online experience for its customers and has the same reliability and customisation as a regular WordPress site.

With WooCommerce you can sell anything from physical products, digital products, subscriptions, appointments, and much more. It’s incredibly flexible and offers a fantastic well-rounded solution to selling online.

This eCommerce software has its own built-in analytics that enables you to monitor your sales and revenue. It can also easily be integrated with third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

WooCommerce is dynamic and can offer fast and responsive experiences for any store, big or small.

How Can I Monitor My Website Performance?

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WordPress Works Alongside Your Measurement Tools

WordPress offers a large range of SEO and analytics plugins that you can use to monitor your website performance.

You can also integrate your Google Analytics into your WordPress site, to collect data and assess your site’s performance from the front end as well as the back end.

You can either set this up yourself or ask your developer to integrate these for you.

If you are using custom tracking from a reputable company, 9 times out of 10, there is a plugin that will integrate their software with your WordPress website.

How Do Other Platforms Integrate with WordPress?

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Friendly Software

WordPress is incredibly friendly when it comes to integrating other platforms.

Sharing links and using call-to-action buttons to link to your other online profiles couldn’t be easier, and sharing content across platforms is made simple with dedicated plugins.

What Are the Limits of A WordPress Website?

A World of Possibilities

WordPress offers very few limitations to its users. You can be as creative as you wish or use templates provided by the platform.

New plugins are made available every day and whatever feature it is you need, you will find a plugin that enables you to add it to your site.

Knowing which plugins are safe and worthwhile is incredibly important in order to make sure you get the best solution. For this reason, we would always recommend doing research on the plugins or speaking with a professional developer.

Do not think of your website as a “WordPress website”… once you boil it down it is very straightforward code. So any developer who knows how to code in PHP should be able to create any customised software for your website.

It is just fortunate that most of the commonly requested features have been catered for in varying levels of quality.

Why Does Creative Monarchy Choose WordPress?

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Our Take on The Software

At Creative Monarchy, we love using WordPress to create quality websites that perform for our clients.

We would not recommend any other platform. It is the software we know and trust and our clients love it too!

WordPress allows us to keep costs down and spend on what matters. Great design, lead conversion and kick-ass user experience!