How To Hire the Best Web Design Agency

What to look for when you want to hire the best web design agency for your company is not always clear. We put together 8 points to think on to help you along.

Hire the Best Web Design Agency

Hiring a Web Design Agency can be a tricky business, as one ourselves let us share some insight.

Website Design and web development is a specialised area that includes a wide range of service providers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of jokers out there and we have had many clients come to us after being taken for a ride.

We thought we would help you figure out the best way to hire the best web design agency and things to consider before approaching one.

There is a lot more we could go over, but we thought we would boil this down to just 8. These few points are based off things we do for our clients to try to instil a sense of trust. Even if you decide not to chat with us, keep these points in mind whilst you shop around.

Not all professional web designers and web developers offer the same level of service or quality.

There is often a huge difference between the end results each agency puts out and the price tag more often than not does nothing to tell you what you can expect.

Great Web Design agencies constantly try to exceed the needs and requirements of their customers by offering affordable services with high-quality deliverables, conversely, a bad digital agency will milk you for every last cent and leave you having to find another agency to clean up their mess.

Crucial things such as easy navigation, responsive design, user flow, SEO optimisation are but a few things a good website agency will look at for you. But most of all they hold your hand through every step and communicate each step forward.  This is a very confusing industry with so many moving parts.

Each company should start by asking their potential website agency some pretty straight forward questions and expecting some straight forward answers.

Here Are a Few notes to Help You Hire the Best Web Design Agency

  1. Always check the agency’s portfolio, qualifications, and experience. Generally, a good agency is one with a load of great reviews and has a project or two that is similar to what you need to showcase their talent. Ask to see examples of their work and see if their previous deliverable are up to par with your expectations.
  2. Any company should have dedicated and skilled employees. The agency does not have to be a big one, heck, we’re mainly a 2 man operation ourselves, but the right skill set is needed to accomplish any job. Make sure the agency is not so big that you’re paying a premium for staff who are not even going to be working on your project, and chat to and asses the individuals working on your project and assess their skill level and get a sense of their knowledge and passion.
  3. Any agency should be capable of fulfilling other needs of a customer outside of just web design. A good agency should have a strong understanding of digital marketing, content maintenance, search engine optimization, social media optimization and other pieces of the “lead generation” puzzle. There is a lot that goes into a proper website build and any agency worth their salt jumps at the chance to brainstorm ways to get you ahead of the competition (and show off their knowledge).
  4. Another trait of a great agency is their eagerness to understand your business, We wouldn’t dream of sending a costing or a proposal until we’re confident what market sector we are tackling. A professional agency should take time to understand what your business requires to promote your services or products to your target audience (as well as know who your target audience is) and know how to increase sales and profits once they engage with them.Branding and many other design elements will obviously play a major role in designing a company website, but the initial understanding plays an enormous part in nailing your companies digital marketing objectives.
  5. A great agency should be able to outline a timeline for your project and handhold you through anything you don’t understand. Things like “who is responsible for imagery” is something an agency should be clear about at the start of a project. Nothing should be hidden and sprung on you once the ball gets rolling.
  6. Any website design company that charges a complete upfront payment should be avoided. It is an industry-standard to take a deposit and then a final payment on completion, some companies take multiple payments at various steps. But no reputable company will ask for all the money upfront.Asking for 100% upfront should be considered a MASSIVE red flag.
  7. Privacy of website or company information is tremendously vital as the agency may have access to sensitive company information that could be stolen or used by competitors. Make sure your website agency has a list of positive reviews and a strong track record and gauge their willingness to sign an NDA where applicable.
  8. If the agency outsources work to third parties, it is always good to identify what components and who the third-party companies are. It is also essential to know if they are in other countries. India has a very bad reputation for cheap and nasty web development. Cheap and nasty can hurt your business.

A final word

Most of the companies make one critical mistake in hiring a web agency, they pick the agency that supplies the cheapest quote.

A web agency that quotes a cheap rate is not always the one that will save you money… in fact, they could end up costing you money either by losing you leads or forcing you to rebuild your website with a better-skilled agency.

Finally, a poorly designed website can have adverse effects on the business as well as irritate their potential leads, resulting in poor engagement and a loss in sales and profit. Be sure to start your search with a general understanding of what you need, knowledge of how a bad agency could try pulling the wool over your eyes and confidence in the fact that when you meet the right agency you will know.

We will be posting an article on how to best prepare a brief for a website agency soon.